Thursday, August 28, 2003

Dragon Con

See you all next week. Dragon Con Cometh - will have a full report on the bands we see there. Don't know a damn thing about any of the scheduled bands except - Ghost of the Robot: James Marsters "Spike"from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and this coming season Angel is the lead guitar player - Bill Mumy aka Will Robinson from Lost in Space "Danger Will Robinson" - has his own band and will be performing. 5-6 other bands to play but don't know much - I do know one is a Goth band...that should be interesting.




SEVENDUST, Breaking Point, & Element 80 at Rafter's in Johnson City, TN on Friday night 8/29/2003. Tickets $20 in advance at Dad's CDs.....$22 at the door. This will be a great show....Sevendust is the best live band I've ever seen. I went and seen the show last night at the Orange Peel in Asheville and it was amazing...the energy, the excitement, the music; could never be expressed in words! Do not Miss this once in a liftime show!!!


Monday, August 25, 2003


Sept 11, 2003 Boone, NC at Legends
Celebrity, The Juliana Theory, Hopesfall, Count the Stars......this should be a very good show.
Has anyone been to Legends in Boone?


Friday, August 22, 2003

Race week and weekend

We here at Team Rock have not done much this week to the website. This is because, primarily because of the race this weekend in Bristol. Half of Team Rock is at the track all weekend (some everyday at 7am, starting on Wednesday....) to get autographs and attend the race. I will arrive today at around 1pm for qualifying, practice, and the Busch Race. Then head back tomorrow for the Winston Cup Race. Have a great weekend and report back to us if anybody out there in Team Rock country takes a show in this weekend.

Next weekend .... Dragon Con!


Sunday, August 17, 2003


Tired of lame ass bands that all sound the same? Well I have some good news! DBX is coming to Knoxville! That's right, the DAVE BROCKIE EXPERIENCE will be playing @ IVEY'S on September 9th!!!!! For those unfamiliar, DBX is three members of the ultimate theatrical band GWAR - Dave Brockie (Oderus), Mike Derks (Balsac), and Brad Roberts (Jizmak). DBX's debut album DIARRHEA OF A MADMAN was easily one of 2001's most innovative and varied albums. Those who have heard it can testify! The new release SONGS FOR THE WRONG should be more of the same. Don't miss your chance to see one of the most unpredictable and offensive live acts ever!!!!

UPDATE : this show may be cancelled or rescheduled due to a possible IVEY'S shutdown (see comments). We'll keep you posted...thx for the 'heads up' French!


Friday, August 15, 2003


My new favorite local band DOWNBLEED showed the crowd at POOR RICHARD'S last Wednesday what hard music is all about! Someone please get these guys a record deal!! At least have them open for the next national hard rock act to breeze through...are you listening Ansley? These guys could easily blow away several of the 'hardcore' national acts pussying up stages as we speak! If you haven't seen DOWNBLEED, you are missing out!!!!

Sweden's FATAL SMILE played an exhilirating set of true metal, no rap and no crap! There was an 'old school' flair to their sound that they built upon with great results. It does my ears good to hear something real! Far too many bands just out scream one another, totally forgetting that metal is based on melodies, albeit very driving ones! The last song was a cover of DIO's HOLY DIVER. I actually enjoyed it! That says volumes considering I couldn't stand DIO when they opened for MAIDEN last weekend. Great job guys!!!!



Gaylord Perry in Johnson City

For all the folks that aren't going to the Craftman trucks race.....Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry will make an appearance and sign autographes at Cardinal Park on Wednesday at the Cardinals host the Burlington Indians. Admission to the game is free, there will be a $5.00 charge for autographs and all profits go to the Victory Junction. Game is set for 7PM and gates open at 5:30.



Working Title, Tribus and more......
The Rambis - Johnson City ...see web site for directions
COST : $5.00


Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Fatal Smile tonight @ Poor Richards

Just met the manager of Fatal Smile down at Poor Richards. She is a promoter out of Nashville and she gave me the order of tonght's show. First off will be local guys 10,000 Flames, then Fatal Smile (from Sweden), and the evening will come to a grinding conclusion by downBleed. The admission will be $5 to $6 (they hadn't come to definite set price, but shouldn't be more than $6). The show is scheduled to begin @ 9pm but the show will probably start a little later than that... It will be a great show! See you there....


Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Leilani Munter

Team Rock's favorite NASCAR driver is featured in FH magazine September 2003 issue...a very good article with a nice photo spread that I felt compelled to share with you.....

Leilani has recently departed ways with TEAM BRISTOL...and is working on a new deal. We will keep you updated to all the latest information. Click on pictures to go to the larger images or just click HERE


Monday, August 11, 2003



Aug 13, 2003

Hardcore Heavy Metal......
From Sweden...special guest downBleed & 10,000Flames




The IRON MAIDEN show in Pittsburgh was everything I'd dreamed! MAIDEN erupted onstage with The Number of the Beast and blew us all away! After all these years MAIDEN is better than ever! Some of the songs performed were: The Trooper, Die with Your Boots On, Revelations, The Clairvoyant, The Clansman, Fear of the Dark, The Wickerman, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Hallowed be Thy Name, Run to the Hills, and Wildest Dreams (from the new album THE DANCE OF DEATH coming in September). The stage props were excellent! Every song had its own huge backdrop! We were treated to an onstage EDDIE (as Edward the Great) and a gigantic robotic EDDIE! The giant's head opened up, revealing a bizarre brain! It all went by way too fast! I'm pondering going to the Chicago show in October…it's never enough!

Prior to MAIDEN, operatic goof balls DIO stunk up the stage for 90 minutes…BOOOO!!!!!

The first band, though they should've been second, was MOTORHEAD! Lemmy still rocks like a motherfo'…drummer Mickey Dee was amazing, even giving IM drummer Nicko McBrain a run for his money! The HEAD opened with We are Motorhead and continued to assault us with No Class, Metropolis, Sacrifice, Shoot You in the Back, Ramones, Killed by Death, The Ace of Spades, Overkill, and more. On a personal note, the next person who asks me to 'sit down' at a MOTORHEAD show won't just get cursed out! They will flee bleeding!!!!



...check out MAX RIFFSTER for his take on the show.


Friday, August 08, 2003

Major update to Scrolling Marquee

Just finished a Major update to the scrolling marquee at the top of the page. If I missed anything - let me know in the comment section and I will get it fixed ASAP. - Remember, ROCK keeps the Concert Calendar extremely up-to-date. He has all the shows on the marquee + a lot more regional concerts posted there!




Saturday at Rafters (Noon)

BAND BIO from Rock City Morgue:

Rock City Morgue appropriately hail from New Orleans, land of debauchery, decadence,voodoo and graveyards. The band has been compared to the Birthday Party meets Aerosmith,or the Dead Boys crossed with 70's arena rock. The twisted individuals behind this music are here to give like minded fiends a soundtrack to live by.

Founding members Rik Slave (formerly of "Man Scouts of America") and Sean Yseult (of "White Zombie") crawled out of the South to spend their formative years in New York City's Lower East Side, where their undying love for the Ramones, the Cramps, and blue/black hairdye led them to a group of equally sick individuals. This incestuous scene spawned The Swamp Goblins and the Kretins. Rik played in each band; Sean photographed them while helping to start up White Zombie.

Some years later they stumbled upon each other in New Orleans- whether the stumbling was due to broken sidewalks or inebriation is hard to say. But they discovered they had a mutual beloved friend, Rhoades D'Ablo. The third founding member claims New Orleans as home, and has a strong penchant for Jagermeister and the Devil. His unique guitar style has earned him the band nickname of Ace Thunderperry, for blending the lead guitarists of Kiss, the New York Dolls and Aerosmith into his own twistedconcoction.

Rhoades introduced the band to Johnny Brashear- local Cajun and guitarist extraordinaire.Johnny's guitar riffs and solos added the perfect mix for the band, playing so well off of Rhoades that one will often finish the other's solo mid-measure. When he's not playing guitar he's busy hotrodding cars, and is also well known for his Cajun cooking!

Hard hitter Andy Baker (of the"B Movie Rats") has been recently recruited from Los Angeles to round out the group, and his addition has certainly made live shows even more explosive. Only days after the Morgue's first show, truly bizarre fiends were writing in from across the U.S. to Europe, and a fan club
was started in San Francisco, unbeknownst to the band. Live shows across the U.S.have brought out a fast and rabid fanbase, and the band is planning a European tour for the fall in response to fans and to support releases there. Rock City Morgue have won over many fans from playing shows with bands such as the Cramps, X, the Buzzcocks, and the Toilet Boys. Look for the Morgue on tour in the U.S. in support of their recently released e.p. "Some Ghouls", on Antidote Records.


Thursday, August 07, 2003

In Ansley's Own Words

This is from the The BUZZ Forum... where there is some really good debating going on.... Ansley posts this:

In what will be one of the hardest tickets to get in JC in a very long time.... SEETHER will be performing at Gatsby's in downtown Johnson City on Wednesday, Sept 24. Also performing wil be Knoxville's very own ShadowWax, plus one national to be named soon.


This show will be a special "18 & up" event... with tickets only $10 in advance, $12 day of show, and available exclusively at DAD's CDs on Saturday, August 30. . If you caught the Stereomud show... then you know what an intimate venue Gatsby's is for a live national show. Should be a can't miss event. More details to come soon.


Tribus Aug 15, 2003

The Rambis (Johnson CIty) Cover-$3 Show 7pm (Aug 15,2003)

These guys of the best local bands in the area. There EP is worth buying...I would recommend it to everyone.....(it's worth burning and giving your friends copies) ....Public Anouncement...we at TEAM ROCK do not promote the act of burning local musicians CDs.....these guys have bills to pay and kids to feed...Help keep them from living on the streets!!!





Sunday....Sept 7, 2003
@ Blue Cats (Knoxville, TN)
$15 Advance....$18 Door
Get your Tickets now....


Wednesday, August 06, 2003


The place to be this Friday night is the POST-GAZETTE PAVILLION in Pittsburgh, PA. Two of metal's most legendary and influential bands will appear back to back as MOTORHEAD opens for IRON MAIDEN! The show gets started with DIO, but I know very little about them. Nothing going on Friday will compare to this glorious spectacle! Tickets are still available, so get online and get yours now! I'll be back from the show with an in-depth report on Monday...UP THE IRONS!!!!!



Upcoming Shows

Thursday Aug 7 :

Skid Row, the New Blacks - Amos's Southend (Charlotte)
Cool Hand Luke, Fire When Ready, Trav&Dave, THe Agony Scene, In Remberance of Me -The Rambis (Johnson City) 7pm ..$5

Friday Aug 8 :
Evixion, the D.rones, the New Disease, the Dikkens - Rafters (Johnson City) 9pm...$6.00
THE 5 L's - Tremont (Charlotte)
Sickspeed, MOB - Amos' Southend (Charlotte) 10pm...$7
Tragically White - Taps (Johnson City)

Saturday Aug 9 :
O Z Willis, Rite of Passage - Sophisticated Otter 10pm
@nti-FEST - Rafters (Johnson City) NOON $20
Tragically White - Taps (Johnson City)
The Heavils, straight line stitch, The Death Campign, Showbread, In Remberance of Me - The Rambis (Johnson City) 6pm....$4

For More Information check the venue links to the right.....




@nti-fest is the Ultimate Horror-Rock Music Festival. The Fest will feature the cream of the crop of the Horror-Rock bands, vendors, fans,.....etc.....ALL DAY Noon til 3AM...$20.00.....16 and up.



Monday, August 04, 2003


My thanks to all who came out for my birthday shindig! Those who didn't missed one of the best local bands I've seen in ages. DOWNBLEED stole the show with their aggressive sound, obvious determination, and amazing talent! Drummer/vocalist DOUG FLETCHER pulled off some amazing percussion...GODSMACK'S 'Sully' has nothing on this guy! Bassist LEONA DRAKE provided a non-stop assault of heavy, melodic bass lines...female bass players just rule! Guitarist DAWG played blistering solos and I had one hell of a great time! So many 'heavy bands' are just that, all volume and no substance...DOWNBLEED escapes those barriers, using heaviness to emphasize their themes rather than to merely shake the speakers. Musically, lyrically, etc, DOWNBLEED is THE BEST local 'heavy band' I've seen in years. My thanks to JAMIE and the band for the free shirt and stickers! YOU GUYS RULE!!!!!!!!!!



This Past Weekend reviews - pt 1

One of the Best Shows that Most the Area Missed


Thursday night this summer has been hard for rock shows at the Otter. Since school has been on hiatus for summer (the school is like a community college during summer classes), there hasn't been much in the way of crowds attending the great line-up that French has been booking on Thursdays. This has been no more prevailent then last Thursday night when Strawman came to town.

It wasn't just the rock crowd that night, the bar was pretty much empty as well.

The guys from Strawman travelled six hours down from Washington, DC to play their 1st Tennessee show and only a handful of people showed up to the FREE show.

Strawman took the stage after the blistering perfomance from dOWNBLEED and rocked the back room at the Otter like it was packed. I kept having flashbacks of being at the old venue "Richard A's" or "Pretzels," as they had a hard rock sound mixed with a good dose of angst that came out strong in the bass. The bands performanced was rounded out with strong vocals and smart lyrics. They played for a good hour mixing hard rock and alternative sounds beautifully.

It was fresh air breathed into a style of music I thought was just about gone.

An almost empty room was not the only adversity that Strawman had on Thursday night. One of their members had quit the night before and they were one short. It would have been easy for them to cancel the show but they made the drive anyway. Luckily for them, they had recently gotten a 5th member, who stepped in to play the vacant position.

This was, in my opinion, the best show booked on Thursday night this summer and, sadly, the least attended. Hopefully they will be back in the area again soon. My thanks go to Floppy (lead singer) and the guys for the free CD and promotional material they gave me, and to the drummer for the broken cymbal that the band signed for me as well.

If these guys come back in the area - make sure you check their show out!