Monday, June 30, 2003

Running With Scissors - July 5th - Sophisticated Otter

Running with Scissors will be playing with West Mary July 5th at the Sophisticated Otter. This will be their last East Tennessee appearance until late Summer when they will have their CD premier party at the Otter (and one in Blacksburg). The cover of the show will be a low $2 - so get out and see these guys.

French has posted a link to a mp3 of theirs at Ansley Roberts and I am sure he won't mind me posting it here as well. Check 'em out!

Running With Scissors MP3



Evanescence to play Charlotte, NC - July 2

Evanescence is scheduled to play Tremont Music Hall, Wednesday, July 2. This will be their closest show to the Tri Cities for quite a while. An interesting road trip? I think so...



Check These Sites Out

I will have something up about the PM5K show before long. In the meantime, Max Riffster wrote in telling us about the bands that he has been in - Visit his blogs (Max Riffster's Dungeon and Mind Warp) - Both of which are part of the Rocky Top Brigade. Max Riffster's Dungeon is music oriented. Both are pretty cool sites.

Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend. I have been recovering from the PM5K show Friday night. Saturday I was like a Zombie around the apt - My cat was worried I think. :)


Friday, June 27, 2003


Shinedown, Reach 454

Presented by:Ansley Roberts,

@ Downtown Rafters in Johnson City, TN. Show starts at 8:00pm. Tickets $18.00 at door!


ShadowWax and Rite of Passage Blister the Stage at the Sophisticated Otter

ShadowWax and Rite of Passage took the stage in front of only a mediocre crowd at the Otter Thrusday night, but that didn't stop them from having a blast while blowing the audience away.

Rite of Passage took the stage first. Reminding me of Puddle of Mud on the stage, Rite of Passage's sound was really good. Heavy flavor with overtones of the newer "let's just scream and see how they like it" or "talk really fast and incoherently" with good music playing in the back ground. I am not a big fan of the latter, so a few songs I didn't particular like, but it doesn't mean they weren't good, just my measly opinion . The songs that the lead singer "sang" were tremendously good. He has a really strong voice - and nailed the couple to 3 covers they did. Get out and see these guys - they are working on a late July date back at the Otter.

Before ShadowWax the band had some last minute set-up to do. While this was happening, the few people that were there started leaving. I was like, "oh, shit!" but it worked out ok as the small crowd started back in after the band started. These Guys put on a HELL OF A SHOW! I think they will continue to grow - possibly breaking out nationally. They had a Pearl Jam quality to their songs, just somewhat heavier and great stage presence. Make and sure to see these guys the next time they come around which will hopefully be soon!

Thanks go out to Monsieur French (Frenchy) and Senior Steve for booking these bands! Great going guys!

Support local music!


Thursday, June 26, 2003

Another 3 Day Weekend of Rock Concerts in Johnson City Starts Tonight!

Tonight at the Sophisticated Otter in Johnson City - ShadowWax with Rite of Passage. ShadowWax is a fan favorite band out of Knoxville. This will be a great show and one not to be missed! Cover charge (from what I hear) will only be $5! (If this is different than $5 I apologize in advance :) )

Friday June 27

POWERMAN 5000, Shinedown, Reach454 - Downtown Rafters

Saturday June 28

Antitrust and Downbleed - Shakers

Support Local Live Music!

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Thunderstorm Threat moves Powerman 5000 to Downtown Rafters

Friday June 27, 2003

Shinedown, Reach 454

Presented by:Ansley Roberts,

@ Downtown Rafters in Johnson City, TN. Show starts at 8:00pm. Tickets $15.00 in advance at all Dad's CDs locations, $18.00 at the door.

The good people over at WRZK has given TEAM ROCK a link on Mike Steele's Dark Side page and given us a very kind review. Thank You for the kind words, it is really appreciated.


Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Concerts around the Region

Thursday June 26

The Sophisticated Otter has Knoxville favorites ShadowWax and Rite of Passage. This is a must see show as I have heard nothing but good things about ShadowWax!

Friday June 27

If you cannot make it in to Johnson City to see POWERMAN 5000, Here are some alternative choices

Blue Cats in Knoxville, TN has 10 Years, Inspector, and ShadowWax
Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC has Headsnap, ThrottleRod, Pygmies, and Bullrush

Saturday June 28

Shakers in Johnson City, TN has Antitrust and Downbleed
Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC has Juggernaut, Boolow, and Calus

Support the local concert scene!

Monday, June 23, 2003


Friday June 27, 2003

Shinedown, Reach 454

Presented by:Ansley Roberts,

@ Sophisticated Otter in Johnson City, TN. Show starts at 8:00pm. Tickets $15.00 in advance at all Dad's CDs locations, $18.00 at the door.

There will be a lot of people coming in town for this one - They are NOT playing Knoxville - sorry guys :( - Come up here :) Make sure your there early!!!!!

Also, Powerman 5000 will appear tonight on the Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn - tune in for a preview of what will be live here Friday night!
8:36 AM


Endo, Dog Fashion Disco, Blindsight, Running with Scissors Review

The first time I've seen any of these bands was Friday night. They all put on a great show. Running with Scissors has a good sound that I like. Dog Fashion Disco had a good following, showing it with a good pit (at least for the Otter). I was looking forward to seeing Endo play since I got to see the warm-up, but they didn't play many songs. What little they did play was awesome, though. After sticking around for a while, Blindsight played. There were more people around for Blindsight than the others, but that could be because it was only around midnight or so when they played. If anyone has a chance to see these guys again, be sure to do it!

Also, I wanna say it was good seeing some old friends there. Keep on Rockin'!

Friday, June 20, 2003

Xyon's comments on Saliva and Co

I had to put my comments concerning the show in the Quick Buzz section of TEAM ROCK because of technical issues I won't bore you all with. If you would like to read them, click the above link. Sometimes you blog, other times the Blog gets you...


Thursday, June 19, 2003


A great I would see again...(and I will tonight in Knoxville.) Team Rock got there early and ran into some a couple of fellow heavy metal friends from southwest, VA (see you guys at the otter Friday night) and we all got to meet MANMADEGOD......very cool guys from California....and what a good fucking show....these guys rock and I'll never forget there wet t-shirt contest I think it's on video and will be on the next Girls Gone Wild at MANMADEGOD's concerts!!!! You need to checkout there web-page...don't forget there CD comes out July 29.


One of the best shows I have ever seen Saliva perform......'.could have been better.'.....if there would have been a little more rain and MUD!!!! Mud always makes the show better.....very cool guys.


Thanks...ansley and the otter for bringing a great show to Johnson City....
A Special thanks to Saliva and MANMADEGOD for signing a couple of autographs for me and signing a page in the PARTY HARD CONCERT MANUAL!!!

Feel free to post any comments about the show below....we look forward to hearing from you!!!! and seeing everyone again tonight in Knoxville at Blue Cats.



Wednesday, June 18, 2003

IF you are worried about weather for tonight's show...

Here is a link to a radar screen for the weather in the area. Since over 1000+ people have already bought tickets (my ticket number is 1241 - so maybe it is 1242+) some may want to check the radar to see if they need dress for weather for the outdoor show. Here is a direct link: Storm Radar. Don't let a worries of bad weather ruin the show. Just too bad there is not any dirt to become muddy. Also, all women - wear white shirts.


Change the next Headline to 'Place to be TONIGHT'

"Same verse, same as the first..."

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Place to Be Tomorrow night

Ansley Roberts Productions and Budweiser Summer Concert Series Present:

Saliva with Manmade God and Sober Otis

Advance ticket sold EXCLUSIVELY through DAD's CDs

Over 1,000 tickets sold so far - $15 (+$1 Handling) in Advance. Today is the last day for these! GET TO DADS NOW! (if you haven't already)
$18 day of show.



Semi Interesting Stats from the visitors to Team Rock

Here are some stats from the visitors to Team Rock :

By Time Zones

~82% visitors from Eastern Standard Time Zone
~12% visitors from Central Time Zone
~6% visitors from Pacific Time Zone

By Language

100% English Language

By Operating Systems

42% of visitors use Windows 2000
26% of visitors use Windows Windows 98
13% of visitors use Windows NT
12% of visitors use Windows XP
4% of visitors use Windows Millenium
3% of visitors use Windows 95

By Domains

47% of visitors are from only an IP address
16% of visitors are from
5% of visitors are from
5% of visitors are from miscellaneous
3% of visitors are from
3% of visitors are from
2% of visitors are from
2% of visitors are from tafr82930...
2% of visitors are from libst01...
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from ci30185-1...
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from kids...
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from
1% of visitors are from phoffice...
1% of visitors are from

By Organizations

56% of visitors from only IP Address
20% of visitors from Networks (.net)
18% of visitors from Commercial Sites (.com)
3% of visitors from United States Government (.gov)
2% of visitors from Educational (.edu)
1% of visitors from Military (.mil)

Thanks to Everyone from each location for visiting TEAM ROCK. We are nearing our second month of operation. Also thanks go out to everyone who has had a hand in bringing back Rock/Metal shows to Johnson City and the Tri-cities in general. The setback we suffered after the ridiculous White Zombie fiasco was crippling to the music scene to Johnson City. (At least Bristol had some sense!) Now that it is returning, let's do our part to help keep them here!




Sophiscated Otter: Johnson City, TN

6/18/03 - Saliva, Manmade God, Sober Otis
6/19/03 - One Year Later
6/20/03 - Endo, Dog Fashion Disco, Blindsight, Running With Scissors

Blue Cats: Knoxville, TN

6/19/03 - Saliva, Manmade God, 10Years

Rafters: Johnson City, TN

6/21/03 - ROCKFEST 2003 (unscathed, 10,000 Flames, Rite of Passage)

Ground Zero: Spartanburg, SC

6/20/03 - Goatwhore, Immolation, December, Vlad, Lust of decay
6/21/03 - SLUR, Mirage

Ziggy's: Winston-Salem, NC
6/19/03 - Cracker, Evoka
6/20/03- METAL NATION 2003
6/21/03- METAL NATION 2003 (20 Bands Total)


Metallica Post

Danny Paul posted this in the ground zero forum.......

Monday, June 16, 2003

Metallica St. Anger Reviewed: SUCKS ASS

I don't know about everyone else, but that new Metallica cd, St. Anger, SUCKS ASS. Don't get me wrong, I love Metallica's other cds, even up to ReLoad. But this new one sucks. I have heard about 5 songs and that's all I heard before I decided I wouldn't even let people download that kind of crap. Come on guys, you used to have the greatest sound of anyone. What happened to the heavy drum sounds? The solos? Hetfield's voice? It sounds like a teenage garage band's demo tape. Master of Puppets was my favorite, but I've liked every album until now. Sorry guys, but you've lost it.

That's my $0.02.

Friday, June 13, 2003



Dog Fashion Disco

Friday June 20, 2003 at the Sophisticated Otter Johnson City, TN. Also to apper...Blindsight and Running With Scissors. This should be a great show!!!! Endo will also be appearing on OZZFEST 2003!!!!!!



Thursday, June 12, 2003

Autographs 'A-Plenty' at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC

Heroes Online

This is the biggest comic book convention in the East! (Dragon Con is actually bigger, but is more a Science Fiction Convention). Click on the Image to get to their list of guests. Writers, Artists, DC Comics will have a booth, Marvel Comics will have a booth - Lots of Incredible Hulk (with the Hulk Movie only just over a week away). Great time to get those dusty comics out of the spare bedroom closet and get some signed!





River bend host Everclar Friday Chattanooga, Tn.
Lots of activities going on all day....about 10 performers. This is a very cool place to watch a show......just make sure you take a lounge chair. Price around $10.00!!!


Wednesday, June 11, 2003
BEST SHOW OF THE WEEK-END: Sunday June 15, 2003


Hatebreed,Biohazard,Throwdown,Agnostic Front,Full Blown Chaos at Ziggy's, in Winston-Salem, NC. Doors open at 7:00pm and show starts at 8:00pm. TIckets $18.00. A show for true hardcore metal fans!!!! Look for TEAM ROCK kickin' some ass on the first level....or at the Bar!!!!! We need a Convoy.....going to this show.... from Johnson City to Winston-Salem.......This line-up is one of the best I have ever seen......all these bands could be headliners at any club and to have them all in the same night is truly unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and well worth $3.50 per band!!!!!

Party HARD!!!!! and never piss anywhere you may have to sit!!!!




My thought and Excursions for Last Weekend's Nashville Trip

Note - this is from my other Blog - Xyon's Rambles - but most of it seemed appropriate here.

Past Weekend Rambles

Last weekend my buddy Rock and I rambled to the Nashville area to see the Trace Adkins Chrome 300 Busch Nascar race. The Nashville Superspeedway is located between Lebanon and Murfreesboro. We headed straight to the track was able to see a little bit of practice before the rains came. When the rain started around 3pm (cst) everything at the track was put on hold - the rest of practice, qualifying for the 300, and the ARCA race that was suppose to be later that night. After a few hours the rain let up for a few minutes. At the time I was huddled under a souvenir trailer watching qualifying for Winston Cup in Pocono, PA. They souvenir trailer had a satellite hooked up, so it was not a total washout - I got to see qualifying from Pocono at the Nashville Superspeedway :) . When we found out qualifying at the track was cancelled and the ARCA race signifigantly set back, we decided to leave and head back to the motel where we had reservations.

We decide to travel the 30+ miles on into Nashville and to 2nd Avenue. The rain picked back up on the drive and would be with us the rest of the night. Luckily most of the rain in downtown Nashville was a steady to moderate drizzle so we didn't get too wet. Nashville had their country fan fair that weekend and parking ranged anywhere from $5 to $15. Luckily we found a $5 dollar garage. We made our way to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and then set out to find a place to go after dinner. We were hoping for a non-country bar with live music - but we were in Nashville. We found an bar with alternative music near an Irish Bar on 2nd avenue but decided to pass as it was pretty crammed packed for a little "hole in the wall." We decided on a dance club called Hurricanes. Inside Hurricanes we were treated to some close female action that more than paid for the $5 admission price. These women didn't care who saw them dancing and making out. They were up on one of the risers groping each other with full intensity. Of course they quickly attracted a crowd with guys surrounding them yelling and whistling at them. When the scene would get a little too hot for the club, they would douse the dance floor with the fake smoke, making it nearly impossible to see (and a little burning to the eyes.) Just before we left, the DJ announced that they had prizes to give away and the first 5 ladies to prove to him that they deserved the prize (movie ticket) would get them. A line formed around the DJ booth of women bound and determined to prove this to him. Most would dance extremly close to him and show him a little skin. One of the before mentioned girls lowered her mini-skirt down just past her upper thigh to reveal a thong she was wearing. Afterwards, she got back to the dance floor with thong still showing and her "friends" surrounded her and began groping at her @ss. Interesting night to say the least.

The next day we had time to kill so we hit the local Wal-Mart and the Outlet Malls. After lunch at this neat little place called Steak and Spagetti Factory we headed back to the track. I got in line to get a Sterlin Marlin Bobblehead that was exclusive from the Nashville track for the for 4000 people in while Rock went to get his autographs. I was able to secure 3 bobbleheads - one for Rock, one for me, and an extra one. After securing the bobbleheads I decide to just wander around until time for the Trace Adkins show (come on - it was free ;) .

I hear a band playing that sounded similar to No Doubt but heavier. I wander over to the where the band is playing and watch their entire show. The bands name is Mink and it was a tremendous show. I find my way to an ATM to get $10 for a CD.

This is post I put at Minks website:

What a damn good show! It was really a pleasant surprise to discover Mink at the Nashville Superspeedway. They were set up outside the track in the parking lot. My only regrets was that I had to leave the show before they finished to get some money from the ATM to buy their CD. I was worried though that if I didn't go before they finished, that I would miss getting them to sign it.

I am glad they got Budweiser promoted them there to give another flavor to the track's music (instead of purely country). After the show, I got marked by Jonda. She was elated that I had an extra bobble head of Sterlin Marlin that I gave to her. Everything got a little blurry after that and I don't remember much.

Thanks again for a wonderful show and we gotta get you guys to Northeast TN (Johnson City) again soon! Here is the website for Ansley Roberts Productions, who books shows in NE Tennessee . Ansley Roberts Also here is the link for the web page that I co-author for NE Tennessee shows. Team Rock. Hopefully I will see you guys sometime soon! Good luck on the rest of your tour!

After all that I get into the race track and find my seat just before Trace Adkins starts. I was surprised by his show. I liked it more than I thought I would have. After the show, the 2hr pre-race show begins. Rock finally made it to his seat about five minutes for the race began. The race was great - my favorite driver in Busch series (Scott Riggs) dominated the race - leading more laps than anybody had previously done at Nashville Superspeedy in the four years it had been open. After the race they were going to run the race from the previous night that had been rained out, but it was already 10pm there (11pm our time) and we decided to leave and begin the 4.5+ trip back. Great weekend - and check out the Mink website!


Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Local show put in the Comment Section

Antitrust put their upcoming local dates and a cool DC date in the comment section. Here is a post devoted to their cause. :)

Saturday June 14 - AntiTrust with DownBleed at the 7th Street in Bristol

Sunday June 22 - AntiTrust at JAXX night club in DC (largest battle of the bands in the world)

Saturday June 28 - AntiTrustM with DownBleed at SHAKERS in Johnson City

Thanks for the heads up!

The comment section is open to anybody who would like to post upcoming shows or leave messages to the moderators!


Monday, June 09, 2003



Friday June 20, 2003 at the Sophisticated Otter Johnson City, TN. Also to apper...Blindsight and Running With Scissors. This should be a great show!!!! Endo will also be appearing on OZZFEST 2003!!!!!!




Nashville Super Speedway

Team Rock had a very wet time in Nashville this week-end!!! Friday was a complete wash-out, except for meeting Gus Wasson...(thanks Gus, for signing a couple of cards for me!!) Saturday, after the rain moved out....made up for Friday:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Scott Riggs on a great Win!!!

Scott Riggs Racing

Nashville is a great track for autographs......had a great day on saturday and I would like to thanks all the drivers that took take time to sign autographs: Kerry Earnhardt, Scott Riggs, Bobby Hamilton Jr, Coy Gibbs, Jay Sauter, Brad Teague, Jason White, Ron Hornaday, Mike Harmon, Jeff Purvis, David Stremme, Randy Lajoie, Jason Keller, David Green, Joey Clanton, Scott Wimmer, Stanton Barrett, Brad Baker, Shane Hmiel, Jason Schuler, Regan Smith, Paul Menard, An extra special thanks to Johnny Sauter for signings all three pictures I had.
More about this trip...will be posted!!!!!



Sunday, June 08, 2003


Wednesday June 18th, 2003


Saliva, Manmade God , Sober Otis at Sophisticated Otter, in Johnson City, TN. Show starts at 8:00 pm and is outside. Tickets are $15.00 in advanced and can be purchased at all Dad's CDs locations, $18.00 the day of the show. This will be a KICK-ASS SHOW and TEAM ROCK will be there!!!!! Look for us in the front center stage!!!!!

Sunday June 15, 2003


Hatebreed,Biohazard,Throwdown,Agnostic Front,Full Blown Chaos at Ziggy's, in Winston-Salem, NC. Doors open at 7:00pm and show starts at 8:00pm. TIckets $18.00. A show for true hardcore metal fans!!!! Look for TEAM ROCK kickin' some ass on the first level....or at the Bar!!!!!

Friday June 27, 2003


Powerman5000, Shinedown, Reach 454 at the Sophisticated Otter in Johnson City, TN. Show starts at 8:00pm. Tickets $15.00 in advance at all Dad's CDs locations, $18.00 at the door. Thank Ansley Roberts Promotions for making this once in a lifetime show possible for metal fans in Northeast, TN.

Friday July 12, 2003


Dope, Dog Fashion Disco, & TBA at Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC. Show starts at 9:00. Tix price not avaiable but usually ranges between $8.00 -$15.00. More information will be made avaiable at a later date. Mark this concert on your schedule...thes guys put on a great live show!!!!



Wednesday, June 04, 2003


THURSDAY: (6-6-03)
Kudzuwish,Stop Sign Asshole, and TBA at Hideway (Johnson City).
DIXIE WITCH, The Pygmies,The Gods of Mars at Ground Zero (Spartanburg, SC)

FRIDAY: (6-7-03)

Battery at Blue Cats, Knoxville(I rarely list a cover band in my list but these guys are the official tribute band to Metallica.
GRETCHENat Hardware Rest. Abingdon, VA,
THE KICK YOUR ASS METAL SHOW(fun for the whole family)Enable Kain, Lovefirst, Divisioned, and Mindspill at Ground Zero (Spartanburg, SC
Manmadegod at The Bay (chattanooga< TN

SATURDAY: (6-8-03)

Boomerang at Cafe One Eleven (Johnson City)
GRETCHEN at Hardware (Abingdon, VA)(2 nights in a row...)
Deadlevel, Downbleed at Shakers (Johnson City)

I know there are some more METAL shows out there....feel free to post them in the Comment section!!!!



Sunday, June 01, 2003